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OK, I lost the gift card but some of you are wrong.They do owe the consumer a refund (especially because I had the receipt and they could easily see the card was never used).

I paid the store for something I'd never use. Its just like ordering something and then never getting it. And I did talk to the store manager who said they can't do a thing, nor could the district manager. The manager agreed that S & B's policy of gift cards was *** and caused them a lot of grief.

The manager told me to go through corportate which I did. After about 3 months I finally got a replacement...only after having to fax them my receipt and info three times. They also wanted my bank account number which I flat out refused to give them.

I asked why they needed that and the man couldn't give me an answer.For the record, I wasn't slamming S & B's because the store is a mess - it was the way they handle a lost gift card.

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Steve and Barrys - Lousy Customer Service at new S&B

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I visited a recently opened Steve & Barry's in MD on a recent weekday. Since it was a weekday, there were only a few customers in the store. As soon as I walked into the store, 3 associates were standing in front as I walked in, arranging one table of clothing. All 3 just looked at me, with no greeting, no smile or anything (I think one of the women was a manager or asst. manager also). You would think for a newly opened store in a location that definitely won't get much traffic, the associates would be more receptive.

As I walked around the empty store, employees continued to walk past without glance or may I help you. Believe me, I don't want to be hounded in a store but I would like to be acknowledged as a potential customer.

I visited a few other stores that day with a similar set-up...Kohl's, etc. and as I walked in, I was greeted by at least one employee. It was a welcoming feeling that made me want to shop there.

I didn't spend a dime at Steve & Barry's even though I saw items that I would have liked. I walked right up with my head held high and went to spend my $$ at a store that welcomes my presence.

Steve and Barrys don't pay their vendors. I have been screwed by these low-life cheating ***

Oceanside, New York 1 comment

Stay away from Steve and Barry's. They ran up a big tab with my Co. and now 6 months later I have yet to see any money! I am out about 50 grand! and all I get from them is an auto reply.

This is a bad company, they think they can mess with US vendors this way. I am going after them even if it cost me money!

Bottom feeders.

SJP and all of the other stars that are jumping on board beware!!! These people suck and should be be called out for there screw them all attitude.



Well, I'm sure you know by now that they filed bankruptcy a month after your complaint. It looks like the judge will make a final decision today or tomorrow..then, we'll all know the fate of S&B.

Steve and Barrys - Screwing me and others over

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Back in November of 2007 a bunch of us were hired on to work once the store was ready to open.

Well, come the middle of April we were called in for orientation. That Monday we were all scheduled, to build the store itself. We all went home with bruises, bloody body parts and aches, but, were told how great it wil feel to walk in and know we help build the store. At the end of that week, schedules were posted and I came in when I was scheduled to and found out (with a nasty attitude) that there was no work that week, everyone was called because they needed to obtain permits. I told him that he was obviously mistaken about everyone being called, because, here I was...

The next two weeks, I still heard nothing so, I wrote corporate a letter stating that I had if I had been let go, it would have been nice to know and when would I be getting my check?!?

The next day the store manager called to tell me checks were at the store and they would be calling in a week to give out schedules because the clothes will be shipped in.

I went the next day to pick up my check, they shorted me a day, I called the manager again and let him know I was shorted and he told me he would call me the next is now well past when he said he would call. I guess I should kiss those missing hours good-bye.

Bottom line, I would not trust these people or work for this store. It has been a huge hassle and no one knows what they are doing or they were taught to screw their employees over. I would say "Stay Away"

Steve and Barrys - Has no consideration..

Cape Coral, Florida 3 comments
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I am an employee to Steve and

Barrys and sad to say that when you first go to their orientation they glamourized the company saying how much of a team player they are but really once you are in its a whole different ball game they accomodate certain in employees while others get the boot.I have seen good employees go while the bad apples are still there.

Then you have Mgrs. who have favorites who they accomodate to.

I feel that the owners to I think a good investigation is needed on how they run the store #240.Also, they need to learn or get train on how to speak and interact with their employees coorectly...


Free Union, Virginia, United States #22489

Sounds like someone from their corporate office to me!!And now BANKRUPTCY!!

:cry John is right: this company is a scam..just do research on how they REALLY made their money

Ansbach, Bayern, Germany #19031

I have been with the company as a manager for over 2 years, and have been well taken care of.I have seen numerous managers let go due to lack of performance (bitter are we?).

The only thing I read that is true, is yes we are forced to cut back employees during the slow periods of the year, but a good management team is responsible for letting their employees know the situation. We hire PT associates for the busy season, and are forced to lay them off when the season ends. In our store everyone knows their status from the day of hiring (some exception workers are kept on if performance is good), maybe this is why you were let go?

Most of the managers I know with the company have been here for more than a year.*Plus what they pay for manager training and benefits, it would be *** for them to keep managers (especially) over the short term.

Free Union, Virginia, United States #10498

You are exactly right.This company is one of the biggest jokes this nation has ever seen.

The way they treat employees, managers, and customers is disgusting. I worked for them as a manager and the company demands that employees be fired every month. They also fire their managers within one year or less. This is why they are always hiring, not because they are "growing." Why do you think the prices are so low?

Because they save money by hiring people at minimum wage, giving them 10 hours a week, and not paying benefits. I know first hand, because I was instructed to do it to my employees. Why would anyone support this garbage business model? Please do not buy from this company, because you are helping to eliminate jobs in an already struggling economy.

Contact your local newspaper, radio, tv stations.Tell them how outraged you are, and that this company is putting people out of work.

Steve and Barrys - Steve & Barry's - Vendors Beware!!!

Chicago, Illinois 2 comments

If you are a potential Vendor/Supplier for the Steve & Barry's chain BEWARE - these guys are a bunch of crooks who don't pay their bills!!!

They are liars.......they make promises they don't keep and force their suppliers to sue them to get their money back.

Steve & Barry's is doing great because Steve & Barry are both liars!

Way to do business ..........I'm sure the stars who have signed on to have their product line available in your stores would be very interested to know how you treat the people who supply you your goods........hey good idea, we can send this blog off to them so they can read for themselves.

You're doing business with companies in the United States can't scam us like you can scam all the companies you are swindling out of money in India where you outsource everything!!

Great Company.......choke on your money you liars!


Medina, Washington, United States #14292

same here on being owed money over $6,000. Can't recommend them right now

El Paso, Texas, United States #9491

I am a small business owner who also is owed money from Steve and Barry's to the tune of $6000!

If you are a supplier, vendor, any business person thinking about doing business with this company, you have been forewarned...DO NOT unless you can afford not to be paid.

Steve and Barrys - Steve and Barry's lousy Customer Service

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On Dec.13, 2008, I bought 3 $50 gift cards from Steve and Barry's. One of the gift cards was lost. I called their customer service # on Dec. 26 to report it. I was told to fax my check and receipt - both of which I still have.

Long story short, I've called them 5 times and emailed twice. I get apology after apology and am told I will get a replaced $50 gift card within 7-10 days. As of 2/23, I have nothing.

The same two men answer when you call and they speak literally no english. I even called the store I bought the gift cards at and spoke to the store manager. He said it was to be handled through corporate.

I will never buy another thing from Steve and Barry's. Also, the clothes there are extremely cheap, poor quality, and the store was in utter chaos. And it takes forever to check out.

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Archdale, North Carolina, United States #29171

Hey Gina, Sorry to tell you but they didn't give away $50 for NOTHING!!!The $50 I SPENT was never s-p-e-n-t.

Get that? They gave me the money back (which I purchased)which was given to the person the gift card was purchased for. Furthermore, most stores will happily give you merchandise if you get home and see you left a bag at the store. Go in with your receipt and tell them what happened.

It happened to me at WalMart. The cashier didn't put a bag in the cart and when I got home, I relized stuff was missing. Lastly, I was a manager at a bank. People would make mistakes on their accounts by writing a bad check.

If it was an honest mistake and the person was a habitual "bad checker" I'd happily refund the 30.00 returned check fee. Its called good COSTUMER SERVICE!!!! Was it my fault they wrote a bad check? Um, nope.

And for the record, I said it was lost, but the fact is, it may have been stolen.

I don't know. And no one is spreading RUMORS!

It was a fact what happened and how S & B's can't handled issues like this is the store.Pay attention to what a person posts before you fire off a hateful reply.


If you bought a bag of clothes from a store (any store), and walked out of the store and lost the bag of clothes, could you go back to the store with your receipt and replace the clothes?NO!

You made a purchase and YOU lost it on your own accord.

When they replace that card, they are giving away $50 for NOTHING!Own up to your own mistakes and quit spreading ugly rumors about a store and people who sincerely tried to help you correct your own mistake!

Saint-Chamond, Rhone-Alpes, France #28793

i find that steve and barry's clothing is great and affordable, since i am a college student i want to look presentable and it want it for less. though sometimes the dye that is used on the clothes burns my eyes and triggers my allergies bad, so i when i shop at S&B i usally put a little vicks in my nose.

Rochelle, Texas, United States #20556

I am also a Steve and Barry employee, and as stated previously, a good deal of the blame for messy displays lay with the customers.I usually work in the women's dept.

and I tell you, some of the disrespect for the store, and the merchandise is horrendous! We find baby clothes hidden behind women's T-shirts, unwanted shoes inside the T-shirt cubes, clothing left in the fitting room where customers couldn't be bothered to bring them out! Please think twice about unfolding merchandise you have no intention to buy. Of course, we know people need to touch and feel, but we put a lot of effort to keep the store looking good.

Just cause we are low-cost treat us like a Dillard's, Macy's, or other top tier store.Would people go there and destroy the store???

Ansbach, Bayern, Germany #19545

I really love reading comments like Terry's and JT's.I am an employee in a S+B store, and it is very disheartening sometimes to watch these "destructive" customers.

It is true that we don't have quite as many staff members working at any time as other retail stores, but we strive for quality employees. Also, it is true that some of the merchandise we sell is lower quality, but not all of it. The jackets, polo's, denim, slacks, and particularly the sweatshirts are all very good quality (the sweatshirts are made of a thicker, more durable cotton than you will find anywhere else). And for less than $10, the shoes you can't beat!

I have stocked up and each pair lasts from 6 months to a year if I wear them daily. Again, not the greatest quality in the world, but all for less than $10 dollars, can you really expect anything more? The hardest part of our job is keeping the stores looking presentable, we have far too many customers strolling through our T-shirt walls just randomly pulling them out of the wall just to hold up and show their friend standing right next to them a funny saying. We have signs up for every style for a reason, they show what is on every shirt, we understand when customers are comparing sizes, but most of the messes in our stores come from disrespectful customers, some whom seem to go out of their way to ruin much of our hard work.

And concerning the gift card, they WILL issue you a replacement, especially if the card is lost and has not been used. Speak with either the manager of the store you purchased it from (or the store director), and have them contact corporate for you. Especially if you have the receipt, they can bring up the transaction, verify the card has not been used through the S+B website, return the original card in the system, and basically exchange it out for a new one (I know because I have done it before in my store). But please, anyone reading this, if you haven't worked retail (with clothing), next time you go shopping, look at all of the displays and folds within the store and think about how much time it takes to create each one.

And how much time went into folding that shirt, or making that wall of jeans look perfect, it takes time effort and passion, and it only takes one careless customer a second to destroy it all.

Help us out, put things back, and don't just start unfolding things you have no intention of buying.Everyone in the industry will be very appreciative!

Ripon, England, United Kingdom #13955

Be thankful that they are going to help you with this matter!Whatever time frame that you get this back be happy with as your alternative is being without.

Terry brings up a good point. I can't stand when people just toss things around in stores.

I will gladly put up with some messy stores or lines at checkout to save some money.Isn't that how Wal-Mart stays in business?

Carmel-By-The-Sea, California, United States #13796

I've never been to a S&B, but it sounds like they are going the way of Kmart...cutting costs in quality and staff, messy stores because of the latter, and finally having to close stores because people stop coming. I'd rather pay a little more to get clothes that last, neater display so it is easier to find my size, and a sales associate available to help me find things if needed. :?

Marshall, Texas, United States #9807

why are you blaming the store here

did they lose YOUR GIFT CARD>?



they tried to help you but usually

when someone buys a gift card

and loses it *usually the store *doesnt

have to replace it*

as its not the stores fault YOU lost the card

Lisbon, North Dakota, United States #6742

The stores have little control over these matters, in fact I watch you the customer in the Steve & Barry's stores all day long and if it is in disarray, which it is, part of the blame is the customer.I see customer after customer pull piles of t-shirts out of the wall to unfold them look at them and stuff them in the wrong slots.

Others take items off their hangars and then toss them back on the top of the racks. You need to take some responsibility for the store's appearance, besides your mother isn't there to pick up after you. I wonder if the treat their own crib like they treat the store. The staffing is poor at the store level but it is generated by corporate.

The reason the prices are low is because the overhead is cut realllllllllly thin they don't allow enough manpower to pick up after sloppy customers on a daily basis. Your contacts don't speak English because the call center is in India.

This is common place to farm out this for financial reasons.Blame you politicians, not Steve & Barry's.

Huntersville, North Carolina, United States #6357

Why are you holding the company liable for something caused by your own actions.Once you buy a gift card from the store, it is in YOUR possession.

Yes, you lost it, but look at the subject of that sentence. YOU. The company is not there to make sure you take care of what you spent your money on. Yes, the service was horrible, but at least they seem to even attempt to get you another one.

If I were part of this situation, I wouldn't even waste my time to get you another gift card that YOU lost.So stop complaining.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #5139

Just wondering if you ever received your card. My son lost a $200.00 gift card and I am getting ready to fax everything to them. I know the card has not been used because he dropped his wallet in the middle of the lake which is probably around 75 feet..

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